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Multimedia has become an important part of computer use. Most applications and web pages you visit can emit sound, and your PC is able to help create a balance of volume through the built-in mixer. There are also third-party alternatives to provide more control over the situation, and SoundMixer is a suitable example in this regard.
Can be used on the go
One of its main advantages is that you can run it from the moment it got downloaded. You’re not taken through a setup process, and so you can use it directly from a thumb drive, without affecting the health status of the computer you run it on. It does rely on .NET Framework to function, so you need to check whether or not it’s on the target PC.
Accommodation is a walk in the park, mostly because of the familiar design which pretty much resembles the default system audio mixer, but split on two rows. This is because one row handles built-in or any connected devices capable of emitting sound, while the other does the same for active programs.
Individual sliders for programs and devices
Multiple sliders are at your disposal, and they become active as soon as sound starts to be emitted. Controlling sliders is only done with the mouse, while feedback is done in real-time. To quickly cut audio from a device or program, you can toggle the mute function, and there’s one for each slider.
Additionally, the application comes with a couple of log windows to show debug, and changes. These sets of information come in handy especially for analyzing hardware and software components behavior, being a neat data gathering tool for developers. Sadly, the application can’t be sent to the tray area, and always sits on the desktop or taskbar.
To conclude
Bottom line is that you might have different sounds coming from a variety of sources on your computer. SoundMixer neatly gets the job done by letting you handle hardware and software components individually, and you can even carry it with you on a USB flash drive.







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Hello, My name is Piotr Pilawski and I would like to share my experience with you about the Soundsnap. I’ve used this application for quite some time now and there are a few things that I like about it, but also a few things that I would change.

So for the rest of this tutorial I will give you some facts and a short explanation on how it works, but what will be more important is how you can use it and why you would want to.

What is it?
Soundsnap is a free software application for Windows that let you record, edit and play back sound.

Soundsnap lets you play, record, and edit individual sounds, sound loops, or entire song. It can record audio from audio devices, play or record sound files, play sound files, and record sound files from the Windows media player.

What makes Soundsnap different from other sound recording software?
Soundsnap allows you to record and edit sound files, so if you want to use sound samples and loops to create your own music, Soundsnap makes it easy to do. The application also allows you to record sound from devices such as microphones, digital recorders, and sound cards.

What are the advantages of Soundsnap?
With Soundsnap, you can record and edit sound files from Windows media player or Windows sound files, play sound files, and record sound from Windows sound devices. You can use Sound Record to record sound from a microphone, you can play sound files, and you can record sound from devices such as webcams or microphones.

What are the disadvantages of Soundsnap?
The only disadvantage is that this sound recording software has a few more disadvantages that make it less appealing for some users. First, the sounds that can be recorded are limited by Windows sound device. Second, this sound recording software requires the.NET Framework and the Windows media player to work. Third, this sound recording software cannot record sounds from a USB audio device.

What are the requirements?
Soundsnap is compatible with any Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 computers.


The program comes with a user guide, and you can get assistance from support by emailing

Edition 3.2.3

Oct 20, 2016

Edition 3.2.3

There is now

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KEYMACRO is a handy tool for creating macros or shortcuts with a mouse click. It is intended to make you more productive with your computer, but has a lot more to offer. It offers a few more features than many other apps out there, and has a lot of potential.
Control your actions in seconds
The process of creating a shortcut is straightforward, and it takes only a couple of minutes. For more complex shortcuts, you can even have a separate setup program with a wizard for even better results.
Keyboard shortcuts are great, but they are not always easy to remember. With KEYMACRO, you can easily memorize your keystrokes, and they’ll work with every program you use. Each shortcut is associated with a time in seconds. This means you can have a short keystroke that will allow you to make a selection in seconds.
Start generating macros
The application offers a simple way to generate multiple macros. Each macro is associated with a number, which can be increased with each application start. These numbers make it easier for you to define how many times your keystroke will need to be pressed before it gets processed.
You can even make a keyboard shortcut to a macro that will start when you open a specific application. That way, you’ll be able to launch applications with a couple of clicks of the mouse.
Custom commands
Using these commands, you can enable and disable the application settings, which are currently saved in a separate file. They can be customized to suit your preferences, and there is a helpful wizard with wizards to make this process even easier.
Let others know when you open an application
You can define when the keystrokes start and end, and you can also define the duration for each one. This way, you can make sure that when the application opens, your keystrokes will begin, and when it closes, they will stop.
Add custom messages
If you want to add additional messages, then you can do this without too much effort. You can even do this in an easy to remember way.
Make the application run minimized
Many users do not want to see an icon in the system tray area, so this setting allows you to turn the application into a minimized one. It runs with a graphical user interface, but stays out of sight.
Add new settings
While you can alter most of the settings by default, you can change the settings by a separate window. Once the settings window is displayed, you can add and remove new

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KEYMACRO lets you record macro functions. It’s very easy to record macro function through it, and editing is also easy.KEYMACRO comes with many useful editing functions, including: Voice Control, On Mouse Click, On Mouse Double Click, On Mouse Up, On Mouse Down, On Mouse Left Click, On Mouse Right Click, On Keyboard Up, On Keyboard Down, On Keyboard Left Click, On Keyboard Right Click, On Button Up, On Button Down, On Scroll Up, On Scroll Down, On Scroll Left, On Scroll Right, On Scroll Up, On Scroll Down, On Mute/Unmute, On Volume Up, On Volume Down, On Pause/Resume, On Keyboard Lock, On Mouse Lock, On Screen Lock, On Screen Lock On Mouse Lock On Keyboard Lock On Screen Lock On Keyboard Lock On Mouse Lock On Screen Lock On Keyboard Lock On Screen Lock
KeyMacro is very easy to use. You can record your function at your own time in a very easy and safe way.
KeyMacro enables you to record the mouse and keyboard on your computer. Therefore, it is more convenient for your all programs.
KeyMacro automatically record the keyboard and mouse every time when you use it. If you want to resume the last recording, you can press “Rec” button.
KeyMacro contains many functions to edit. It will be more fun to edit with it.
KeyMacro has many different languages. You can record the function in your language.
KeyMacro is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and other cell phones. You can use it everywhere anytime.
KeyMacro is designed to perform like a professional. It has high performance and efficiency.
KeyMacro can record a mouse movement every 2 milliseconds. It is safe and easy to use.
KeyMacro can record a mouse click or hold over 1 second and capture the mouse and keyboard movement.
KeyMacro is a Mac OSX product, but it can be used on Windows. KEYMACRO is an easy-to-use video editor, which provides a fast and intuitive way to edit videos. It can record the mouse and keyboard in real time and apply effects to a video. It can apply different color effects to video. You can preview, cut and add clip effect to video directly.
KeyMacro can record a video that is slower than 30fps. You can create multi-frame animations. You can trim the beginning or the end of the video. You

What’s New In SoundMixer?

1. Easy to use and control all built-in audio devices at once;
2. Two rows of sliders for independent settings for each of the audio sources: built-in sound, media files and active software programs;
3. Mute or Boost Audio Volume with one click;
4. Log for active state of all Audio devices (Hardware and Software);
5. Output audio for all Audio devices is reduced to 50%.
Free SoundMixer Download:

1. Easy to use and control all built-in audio devices at once;
2. Two rows of sliders for independent settings for each of the audio sources: built-in sound, media files and active software programs;
3. Mute or Boost Audio Volume with one click;
4. Log for active state of all Audio devices (Hardware and Software);
5. Output audio for all Audio devices is reduced to 50%.
SoundMixer Description:
1. Easy to use and control all built-in audio devices at once;
2. Two rows of sliders for independent settings for each of the audio sources: built-in sound, media files and active software programs;
3. Mute or Boost Audio Volume with one click;
4. Log for active state of all Audio devices (Hardware and Software);
5. Output audio for all Audio devices is reduced to 50%.
Free SoundMixer Download:

Music Mixer Professional is an easy to use multimedia mixer that includes a fully customizable layout. This program is specially designed to manage music in a professional way. You can record multiple audio tracks, import and export your files, pause your audio tracks, fade-in and fade-out the volume and much more.
Music Mixer Description:
1. Add multiple audio tracks with different sources and record them simultaneously;
2. Volume control for each source separately with the volume slider;
3. Full customization of the layout, position of the controls, height, etc.;
4. Record audio tracks and play the waveforms to check the sound quality;
5. Import and export MP3, WMA, WAV, AIF, AIFF, Ogg, FLAC, RealAudio and more audio files;
6. Hide or display the main window when playing audio, just press a key to switch between both;
7. Ability to play the recordings while mixing at the same time;
8. For each recording you can set a different fade-in and fade-out time;
9. Save your settings for easy restoration in case you need to change something in the future.
Free Music Mixer Download:

System Requirements For SoundMixer:

Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000
Mac OS X 10.4
Mac OS X 10.5
Linux 4.0+
Minimum of 16 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended for the best performance)
2800×1200 resolution or higher
DirectX 9.0c
1 GB free hard drive space
Older Macs that do not support Core Animation may have issues