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In 2009, AutoCAD 2011 was the best-selling CAD software application. Users make a 2D drawing by drafting objects and adding blocks, such as walls, doors, windows, and trim lines, into the drawing. They use symbols, referred to as drawing entities, to represent the objects and their properties. Drawing entities are included in specialized graphics files, which are assembled into the drawing and manipulated using a combination of commands and editing tools. Drawing entities are connected together with drawing connectors. For example, after an object is created and saved to a file, a user can select that object and drag it into a drawing connector. Connected objects then stay together in the drawing and cannot be separated.

The initial release of AutoCAD in 1982 was for the MacIntosh series, and was named AutoCAD or Auto CAD, or sometimes Auto CAD for short. The name AutoCAD was registered to the trademark holders of the application’s first release in 1989.

Create a new drawing file.

CADLite is an alternative to AutoCAD.

Drawing creation

Start the Create a New Drawing window by clicking the New Drawing icon in the toolbar or pressing F5.

In the Select Type for Drawing Type dialog box, select Drawing by Type.

Enter a name for the drawing in the Drawing Name box. Type a name for the drawing in the name field and press Enter.

Select Drawing Type (Standard) from the left side of the dialog box. The right side of the dialog box is blank.

Click OK.

The New Drawing dialog box appears.

Click OK.

The drawing opens.

Menu bar

The CAD menu bar is located in the upper-left corner of the application window and consists of 12 icons or commands. The most frequently used icons are shown in the following figure.


Command name


Application Window icon

File menu

Navigate to a previously saved drawing.

New Drawing icon

File/Save menu

Save the current drawing.

Open Drawing icon

File/Open Drawing menu

Open a previously saved drawing.

Edit Drawing icon

File/Edit Drawing menu

Open a drawing by name.

About icon

File/About menu

View a version history of the application.

Tasks tab

The CAD Tasks tab is available in the CAD menu bar

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The C++ implementation supports both static and dynamic linking. Unlike the other languages, AutoCAD applications are run by the main application and are not a true self-contained application.

For example, a “small” application, which opens one or more files and then updates the drawing window to show a second file, requires:

the “Open” command (opens the file)
the “Close” command (closes the file)
the “Hide” command (closes the file)
the “Show” command (opens the file)

The “window update” process can be broken down into three independent parts:
opening the file (e.g., a drawing)
showing the file
closing the file

To implement the window update in a single application requires:
an “Open” command
a “Close” command
a “Show” command
a “Hide” command

Each of these commands can be implemented as a single function with some additional information and/or parameters passed into the command function.

AutoCAD’s middleware architecture allows third party application developers to access and manipulate the drawing content and rendering pipeline. Such application can access the drawing content to perform their own operations. In AutoCAD 2010, for example, an editor that allows a user to search for content, delete it, add a reference or even copy it from another drawing, was introduced.

AutoCAD’s middleware supports the concept of a Central Design database, which contains a master copy of all the AutoCAD drawings (a central repository for all the AutoCAD drawings). In addition to data, such as drawing size, style, drawing tolerance and coordinate system, the middleware also supports the ability to edit such data.

Middleware can be extended by application developers. An application can directly interact with the design database to search, modify, and extract information. Applications can access the database directly or through the middleware architecture to perform such operations.

AutoCAD’s drawing content is stored in the file. The autoCAD middleware communicates with the file to add rendering features. When the AutoCAD drawing file is viewed, the drawing content is rendered.

Drawing technologies

AutoCAD’s drawing technologies includes vector and raster drawing. It supports the following 2D drawing technologies:
AutoCAD Line
AutoCAD Style
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Electrical

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Go to menu
First menu bar, select Tools-> Options.
In the options window, select Preferences.
In the Preferences window, click on Help then Look and Feel.
In the Look and Feel window, click on Change Appearance.
Choose a theme and click on Ok.

Next, load Autodesk

The last step is to load

First, go to
On the right side, you will see the license. Click on install.
In the installation window, click on “accept”.
On the next window, you will see a keycode. Click on Ok.
Now, go to the product key window.
On the top, click on Unlock.
Now you are ready to use Autodesk products.

Subscription model

For subscription, there are 2 types of model.

Free version

The first one is free model.
In the autocad home page, click on the autocad icon.
In the “product key” window, enter your key.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Two new search functions: Topology Search: find all connected objects; Bounding Box Search: find objects inside a box. (video: 1:30 min.)


Perspective was redefined to give you the best of both worlds: the accurate sketching of two-dimensional drawings, but also the same level of control and precision in 3D as traditional perspective. (video: 1:39 min.)

Vera and eDrawings:

The new eDrawings solution from Autodesk is a cloud-based collaboration service that extends the productivity of the entire eDrawings user community. (video: 1:40 min.)

Vista and Web:

Autodesk is giving users more ways to access their AutoCAD drawings. AutoCAD® 360 is a web-based service that lets users seamlessly access their AutoCAD drawings from anywhere.

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