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MoonPlayer Crack Free License Key Free Download

MoonPlayer Download With Full Crack is a simple, yet powerful video player, based on the MoonPlayer 2022 Crack engine.
You will be able to play your videos from your computer or online services, in a more or less traditional way.
Simultaneously, it will make everything a lot faster, since you will be able to execute common tasks by simply typing a few characters, or assigning a shortcut key.
It is a video player for the times.

Key Features of MoonPlayer Crack Free Download:
◆ Video player based on MoonPlayer Torrent Download engine
◆ Play online videos and watch local
◆ Plays online videos by simply typing their URL
◆ Supports a variety of online video services
◆ Reads subtitles in different languages
◆ Supports various video file formats
◆ Customize playback settings

Developed by:
MoonPlayer Cracked Version has been developed by Hosted Media, a Berlin-based video hosting service. The development is mainly supported by Grupo Liminha.
Version History:
2015-07-18 – Version 1.1
– Fix a bug that prevented the player from recognizing some video formats
– Add the ability to add a custom cover art
– Option to import a playlist by dragging them directly on the sidebar
– Option to set the video quality for the downloaded videos
– Support the latest HTML 5 video standards (HTML 5 H.264, HTML 5 V.40, H.264+WebM)
– Allow changing subtitle files location (optional)
– Save video files without a folder (optional)
– Add support for shared playlists (optional)
– Bug fixes
2015-06-03 – Version 1.0
– Initial version



#1 Verified User

I couldn’t play any online video.

#2 Verified User

Can you please contact us on our support site, or at

#3 Verified User

I’m having the same problem. I can’t watch the videos in the app

#4 Verified User

It doesn’t matter what you do, it still works

#5 Verified User

You can add a custom cover art with the “Add cover art” option on the options menu

#6 Verified User

The best option is to open the file browser and add the file to your videos folder

#7 Verified User

MoonPlayer [32|64bit]

* Directory: L or W
* Path (New): p
* Path (Open): O or r
* Path (Copy): F
* Path (Delete): D
* File name: Space
* File name with extension: Shift+Space
* Selected file name: ~
* Selected file name with extension: ~Shift+Space
* Seek forward: N
* Seek backward: B
* Play: P
* Pause:
* Stop: S
* Mute: M
* Volume: + or –
* Title:
* Author:
* Comments:
* Date:
* ID3 info: L
* Insert image from disk: T
MoonPlayer is now live!
What’s new in this version?
Fixed: In some cases, the user interface was not completely visible after closing the program.
Many thanks to everybody who reported it!
NEW : Look for the presence of “libmozjs-24” and “libmoon-24” (in version This package is required to display the original web-content of online video streams. It can be downloaded from and (both under the “libmozjs-24” and “libmoon-24” headings).
Changes since MoonPlayer
* Playback speed can now be adjusted up and down in a custom way (sliders).
* Updated translations: brazilian portuguese, latin-american, french, spanish, spanish-mexican, swedish, german, italian, polish, portuguese-brazil, italian-italy, français-canada, holandese, dutch, esperanto, russian, hungarian, finnish, portuguese-portugal.
* Added video bookmarks.
* Improved search filtering in the Path window.
* Added memory usage statistics.
* Better menus when only few video items are stored.
* Many internal improvements.
MoonPlayer is now live!
What’s new in this version?
New GUI themes: MoonPlayer now offers a visual overhaul thanks to its new theme engine, which can be found in the Settings window. To use

MoonPlayer With License Code

MoonPlayer is an application made to display video files (local and online).

Videos and photos can be played, saved and shared directly in the Calendar. And if you don’t like the current theme, you can switch to another one in a single click. Moreover, the Calendar’s available functions can be used to: edit events, send events to other people, add new events, download images and videos, update events, as well as play and save them.

The file manager (FileExplorer) that comes with windows, as well as other programs, only shows the contents of your computer or the Windows folder. You can browse through the content of your computer or the Windows folder but you don’t have the opportunity to view the content in a tree view.

To keep all the available information in one place, we designed a customizable Windows desktop calendar to store all your appointments and other events. It also allows you to send and receive all the important information using different methods.

Every window has a context menu which makes it easy to use for all Windows users. Simply right click on any window and the options you need appear. Also, you can customize this context menu to your preferences. The options available to you depend on the application you are using.

Finding a picture, a file, a number, a time, a date, a name or a street address of the location you are travelling to at the moment is easier now.

Most of the time, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E or Ctrl+I can be used to copy the selected data in a spreadsheet. But what if you want to copy an entire table or only selected cells?

There are times when you need to find a term that you think is in a document or a spreadsheet, but you aren’t exactly sure what it says. What if you can find the term fast and easily? What if you want to know where to find a specific document or a particular line, paragraph or table?

From displaying weather to calculating a balance, there are times when we would like to have an easy-to-use calculator.

A calendar has some capabilities that might not make sense for others. For example, you can click on a date to see what was the weather on that day.

We developed the Calendar to be a simple, easy-to-use

What’s New in the?

MoonPlayer is an audio and video player based on the GTK+ widget toolkit. MoonPlayer is designed to be simple and user friendly. It does not try to be featureful and it takes up very few resources.
MoonPlayer includes all the features found in the full-featured player, while reducing the package size and the user interface to a bare minimum. MoonPlayer includes features such as a playlist, download, and the ability to play video from any source (including online video services). You can also alter the display size and the audio volume.
MoonPlayer ships with several themes and an additional video player from The themes can be used to customize the appearance of MoonPlayer.
Installation and Configuration:
MoonPlayer ships with a configuration file, moonplayer.ini. This configuration file provides a global look-and-feel, many UI options, and a wide range of information. The global configuration file is located in the /etc/moonplayer directory.
You can use a graphical tool to configure MoonPlayer from the command line. For example, to configure the playback options for the default profile:
sudo moonplayer-configure
(You can also start MoonPlayer with the –config-file or -c options.)
Q: I want to remove the player tray icon and add the volume icon. How do I do that?
A: The player tray icon is configured by default. If you want the volume icon, right-click the player tray icon and select “Configure tray…”
Q: I want to change the current profile. How do I do that?
A: Type moonplayer-current-profile
Q: I want to search for and play a video on the web. How do I do that?
A: Enter a web URL in the “Play URL…” field and hit enter. Alternatively, enter in the “Play URL…” field, where xxxx is the port number.
Q: MoonPlayer won’t work. I get an error message.
A: Check the “Developer” section on this FAQ page to see if it helps:
Q: How can I make MoonPlayer remember my settings?
A: To make MoonPlayer remember your settings, copy moonplayer.ini to /etc/moonplayer. If you want MoonPlayer to remember the themes, copy moonplayer-themes.ini to /etc/moonplayer/moonplayer-themes.ini.
Q: How can I use multiple profiles?
A: On Windows, select the profile you want to use from the configuration dialog, then type “moonplayer-current-profile” into the command line. On other systems

System Requirements:

*OS: Windows 2000/XP/7/8/8.1 (32/64-bit)
*CPU: Pentium 3.8 GHz or higher
*RAM: 256 MB or higher
*HDD: 8 GB or higher
*Video: Intel GMA 950 or higher
*Input: Keyboard & Mouse
*Additional: DirectX 9.0c
*We strongly recommend that you install the latest drivers