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A.S.H. allows you to control your disk space usage by discovering files that are duplicated and if you wish, deleting or archiving one or more of these duplicates.
A.S.H. also offers a visual directory explorer, that is a set of charts representing your drives and directories with alot of usefull information about space wasted, large directories, file size statistics, creation, update and access date.
Now A.S.H. is more than a duplicate file searcher. It offers usefull information about your disk usage and the price is low, you can use it as a disk cleaner, but also as a nice tool to understand how your disk space is used.
There are many ways in which duplicate files can be left on your hard disk, for example programs which don’t check to see if you have a particular DLL installed and install their own private copy just in case, or other programs that install a DLL in your Windows directory when it is already in WindowsSystem.
Internet is another great duplicates producer, because of the cache directories and also becouse all of us collect graphical, text and zip files around.
A.S.H. scans your drives to find duplicate files. First it scans all the directories and collects information about the files it finds, than it sorts the file list by size and checks for duplicates.
To ensure files are really duplicates A.S.H. can use a CRC32 algorithm over the whole file.
A.S.H. makes also a file name comparison and creates a list of same name files, so you can check if there are different version of the same DLL or file.







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A.S.H. is a very small freeware utility that finds duplicates on your hard disk. It discovers duplicate files, subfolders, Java archive files or DLL. This freeware is the only one on the market that is able to compare the file by using a CRC32 algorithm to make sure the files are duplicates.
A.S.H. can be used as a disk cleaner to find files that are too old to be used and delete them.
A.S.H. is also a very useful tool for developers that needs to check if their application can work with a particular DLL or other Windows system files. A.S.H. is the only tool that can compare a DLL or a file with Windows system DLLs.
A.S.H. can be used to create backups of your files on CD/DVD/DMG.
Advanced Space Hunter Download With Full Crack Features:
* Discovery Duplicates
* File Comparison
* One click to install new programs (batch operation)
* Creates CD/DVD backups
* Can compare file with Windows system files
* Support for Mac OS 9/Mac OS X 10.0
* Save settings with extension (.ini) to the registry (yours)
* Small size (64K)
* Free for use
* Free to try before you buy
* User interface in English, French, Spanish, German, Portugese, Russian, Dutch, Indonesian,…
* Data files (.dat,.txt)
System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/2003R2
3GB (most versions) or 2GB (version for old systems) free disk space available.
How To install:
* Unzip the package in your disk.
* Search for file: ‘Advanceshop.exe’
* Run: ‘Advanceshop’
* Press OK to start the program.
* Select language and start, press OK to restart and exit.
* Accept the License Agreement.
* Select drives to search.
* Press OK to start the search.
* Press Ctrl+c to cancel the search.
Technical Support:
* Send any technical problems to me by email.
You can find your email address on the website.
* I may need to sign an NDA to provide good technical support.
Advanced Space Hunter is a content-identical copy of the software originally distributed for free by Advanced Software

Advanced Space Hunter Crack + 2022

Keep your hard disks clean with these handy tools:
– Search all disks for duplicate files to help you remove temp files
– Compare file names with 1:1 checksum values
– Search subdirectories and sub-subdirectories, including external drives
– Sort by size, and check if files are duplicates
– Archive files and delete duplicates
– Scan all files for duplicates and create a list of same files (with file sizes, etc.)
All files and information are securely stored within your user profile.
You can use an icon, a link or a menu on your desktop to start the application.
A.S.H. offers some useful features (see help topics for more information):
– Show only files > 2 MB and only files > 200 KB
– Show/Hide properties
– Show/Hide comments
– Show/Hide E-Mail related files
– Show/Hide “unknown” files
– Select multiple files for comparison
– Double click on entries to open them
– You can copy and paste file names into the Windows find/search program or exclude files using wildcards
– You can press ALT-F to get focus on the file name field in order to paste a search string there.
A.S.H. offers the following search options:
– Search subdirectories and sub-subdirectories
– Search sub-sub-subdirectories
– Subdirectories
– Sub-subdirectories
– Files only
– Files and subdirectories
– Files and sub-subdirectories
– Files only
– Files and sub-sub-subdirectories
– Files only
– Files and sub-subdirectories
– Files and sub-sub-subdirectories
– Subdirectories
– Sub-subdirectories
– Sub-sub-subdirectories
– Subdirectories
– Sub-subdirectories
– Sub-sub-subdirectories
– Files
– Files and subdirectories
– Files and sub-subdirectories
– Files and sub-sub-subdirectories
– Files only
– Files and subdirectories
– Files and sub-subdirectories
– Files and sub-sub-subdirectories
– Files only
– Files and subdirectories
– Files and sub-subdirectories
– Files and sub-sub-subdirectories
– Files only
A.S.H. searches for duplicates in

Advanced Space Hunter Crack License Key Free

Advanced Space Hunter is a free, small and unique utility that can help you keep your disk organized and clean.
Since version 2.0, ASH has an advanced scanning engine that can recursively search through all your files to find duplicate files, without using registry to store your settings.
You can activate it through your windows menu, you don’t need to install anything, just restart your system and you’re ready to go.
Usually ASH doesn’t make so much garbage on your system, so it shouldn’t affect your computer’s performance. But if there are many duplicates files, ASH will scan and use some extra RAM, because it actually scans your disks and memory.
To help you understand how your disk is filled you can open ASH’s detailed display screen, and use the charts to see your files by size, date and type.
In version 2.0 you can use internet explorer to open web pages, external programs to unzip, rar or split archives, and create a list of duplicate files.
Your computer will be a little slower than usual, but in no way negatively effect your performance.
Advanced Space Hunter Charts:
ASH’s built-in file management charts can show you something about the way your hard disk is organized.
You can get a quick overview of your disk size, files and directories.
You can also get a detailed history of file creation, updates and accesses, with detailed information about file size, date and modification time.
And with a few more key strokes, you can get a visual overview of disk sectors, and create a chart of those sectors with the amount of information stored, the date and sector type.
By creating such a chart, you can understand if your hard disk is full of junk data that might be there because of old programs and files.
On the other hand, it can also show which sectors are getting filled with new data, so you can find out where your free space is.
The other way, you can use charts to avoid filling the same sectors, so you can keep your hard disk organized and compacted.
ASH can even create charts that show the amount of free disk sectors, and any other data you might find useful, like:
* Estimated amount of RAM left on your computer
* The amount of free hard disk sectors, if your system has an extended partition
* The amount of free megabytes or gigabytes left on your hard disk.
ASH 2.0 Features:

What’s New in the?

Advanced Space Hunter is a tool for Windows, allowing you to discover duplicated files on your hard disk.
-Determine the size of duplicated files
-Differentiate between file size, file type and file name
-Check for identical files on any hard drive or removable medium.
-Compare files by their size, name and extension.
-Detect files that are exactly the same size.
-Detect files with the same name, size or extension.
-Compare files by their CRC32 algorithm
-Sort files by size, and check for duplicate files.
-Show detailed information about each file and help you find files that you have deleted and make it easy to determine the location of the file
-Take full control of where to look, use our intuitive and powerful search tool to find specific directories and sub-directories
* Found the duplicate files and want to remove or archive them? Then just use the Wizard
-Let the Wizard guide you through the process, and Advanced Space Hunter will warn you when it detects a unique file and scan the files quickly.
-The Wizard detects duplicate files, allowing you to choose files and folders and different actions can be taken.
-With Advanced Space Hunter you can remove duplicates on a local hard drive or a removable device.
Advanced Space Hunter will display information about the duplicate files and files found.
Advanced Space Hunter can also recover files that you have removed.
Advanced Space Hunter supports multiple hard drives.
Advanced Space Hunter offers remote control.
Advanced Space Hunter can find and remove duplicates from a whole network.
Advanced Space Hunter has the following features:
* The most important features of Advanced Space Hunter.
[Main Group]
* The main features of Advanced Space Hunter.
* Messages sent to you by Advanced Space Hunter.
[Quick Search]
* A search tool for files and directories to find specific files and directories.
* The wizard of Advanced Space Hunter.
* The directory tree of Advanced Space Hunter.
[Reverse Search]
* A search tool for files and directories in the directories you define.
* Tools offered by Advanced Space Hunter.
* Advanced Space Hunter’s settings.
* Search your system and your drives.
* Knowledge base and help information of Advanced Space Hunter.

System Requirements:

Tizen™ OS version 9.0 or later
ARM® Cortex®-M3
1 GB of RAM
4 GB of Flash
512 MB of internal storage
Network interface (WIFI or WWAN)
SD card for the installation
“Build.prop” file on your device (SD card or USB)
We also recommend:
1.3.0, v2.0.2, v2.1.1
Install the “weblio