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Every bit of text and data you're intentionally looking for or accidentally stumble upon while surfing the web is kept in a well-built database. There are countless utilities that struggle to provide more features and enhanced security, each using its own method to do so, creating compatibility issues. This is DBConvert's time to shine, coming as a simple means of safely converting a database from one format to another.
Lightweight and easy to use
The application takes little time to deploy on your computer. However, before you rush to take it for a spin, you need to make sure your PC is equipped with Java Runtime Environment, otherwise you might encounter stability issues or it won't function at all.
You're greeted by a simple, but pretty intuitive interface that poses no accommodation problems. Although it feels a little rough after some time using it, menus and items you get to work with are comprehensive, making visuals an aspect easy to overlook.
Poor file format support
Functionality is based on profiles, so you can't just simply drag a database file over the main window for quick processing. This is somewhat of a drawback, because the whole profile creation task can take some time and gets a little confusing.
Nonetheless you end up in the profile dialog, with a few requirements that change depending on the type of database you want to load and to export to. File support isn't remarkable either, with an odd selection of files you can load, such as various mobile database types, CSV, TXT, EXL, MDB and DBF.
Far from being a pro
The same number of formats can be picked for the output, with a few more options at your disposal, depending on the fields you want to convert. You can have a backup created just in case unexpected events occur, set encoding type and a few other dedicated settings.
All that's left to do is hit the “Export” button, with the process being done almost instantly. However, the application often seems to be stubborn about the destination directory and you can get to spend a great deal of time looking for the new file, with general settings overwriting profile options in most cases.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that DBConvert leaves a lot more to be desired, not necessarily because of the rather poor impression it leaves through functionality, but the shallow choices for types of databases. It's on the right track and with a little more work it can surely come in handy one day.


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Tried to search for a converter, but did not get to find any, not even close. So, here it comes: DBConvert Torrent Download.Convert SQLite to MySQL or SQL Server, MySQL to SQLite and SQL Server to SQLite.

What you get:

-Four different SQL import/export profiles.
-Conversion time in 3 sec. (SQLite,SQL Server) and 7-10 sec (MySQL).
-It’s standalone, so no need to install anything.
-Drag&Drop with drag and drop has no limits in size.
-Front end is not graphical, so it is safe to run in any OS (Windows/Mac).
-It is light, so you won’t be running its processes up against your PC’s performance.
-It is stable, so the program won’t crash when you open it.

Basic Features:

Convert SQLite databases to MySQL, or MySQL to SQLite.
Convert MySQL databases to SQLite, or SQL Server to SQLite.
Accept up to 100000 rows as input.
Convert SQLite databases to SQL Server, or SQL Server to SQLite.
Accept up to 100000 rows as input.
Convert MySQL databases to SQLite, or SQLite to MySQL.
Accept up to 100000 rows as input.
Convert up to 100000 rows as output.
Convert databases to another formats or to other types.
Convert databases with mixed data types.
Accept different formats for input and output.
Accept all databases with mixed data types.
Accept all different size of databases.
Support password protected databases.
Supports UTF-8 encoding.

What’s New in version 1.0.4:

This is the latest version.
Added searchable help windows.
Added the ability to export/import data from/to local files.
Added the ability to add/remove/rename profiles.
Added the ability to import custom SQLite databases.
Added the ability to convert custom SQLite databases to MySQL.

Total Commander Description:

Total Commander is a free file manager, file compressor, file archiver and file restorer, able to perform all the operations that a general file manager can do. The program creates and manages archives, encrypts files, compresses them with the help of LZH, AES-256 algorithms and can restore files in case of their damage

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All you need in one spot
If you are regularly using databases on your computer for multiple needs, you might have come across situations that force you to convert or save a document in a certain way. You are certainly not the first to come across such predicaments, so chances are you can go searching for it online, but there are still quite a few file formats that you might have trouble handling, as they are available in quite different versions and differ in elements such as word counts, line breaks, carriage returns, etc.
DBConvert is a universal file conversion utility based on a platform that offers a great deal of flexibility. There are no complicated settings to manage and you get exactly what you need for standard or specific file conversions. The software is easy to use and integrates smoothly with Windows, making its functionality compatible with whatever Windows Operating System you’re using.
DBConvert’s key features
The basic capabilities of DBConvert include fast conversion of database files, which is done in an isolated user session for the purpose of making output files more stable and comprehensive.
Converting files is much simpler than it may seem, due to an intuitive yet comprehensive interface that leaves almost nothing to be desired. Even those who are new to the program have no problem working with it, which is an attractive feature.
There’s not much to worry about in terms of providing any assistance, from file types to types of databases, with settings and options for virtually everything available. The software also isn’t hard to deploy on a PC, which makes it easier to carry out all operations without a hitch.
Quick conversion
DBConvert can handle a large number of databases, file types and formats, so the only thing you’ll have to face is the extra time it takes for you to find a suitable file. As long as you have access to the process, which is done almost instantly, and a stable network connection, you can take your database and convert it to any standard type of format.
Working with databases is a well-rounded process, with options varying by file type. There are a number of common formats, such as MS Word, MS Excel and many other, as well as general utilities that convert to a number of formats, including basic text files, CSV, TXT, EXL, MDB and DBF.
Choices for output
You’ll find a pretty large selection of types of files to choose from, with options depending on conversion type. There’s not much to worry about, as DBC

DBConvert 6.4.1 Crack +

DBConvert is a utility program that allows you to convert a database from one type to another.
The tool is easy to use since you don’t have to worry about creating profile options or exporting settings. However, as you can only load those databases you mention on the list of compatible files, the whole process is bound to be a little slow.
With the help of the application, you can back up your files so that you’re ready for unexpected outcomes. The user interface is quite simple, which will certainly appeal to those of you who know little about the processes involved.
What We Liked:

It uses a simple, intuitive interface

It doesn’t need to be installed

You can choose the destination directory, so you have free space

It takes just a few clicks to export

It’s a fast program

What We Disliked:

It doesn’t work well with big databases

The file support is limited

Overall, if you need a tool for database conversions you can use DBConvert to try out. However, it won’t take too much time to get the basic configuration process done and with a few small improvements the tool could prove to be one of the best in the market.

The best rated, most helpful database program.

by Rachael,
Jan 20, 2013


I needed a tool that was easy to use to convert all the databases I had downloaded. I found it with DBConvert. After conversion I now have all my databases accessible again. I am so glad I found it.

Bad Library

by dk,
Jan 20, 2013


I have tried many times to install DBConvert and ended up with numerous messages stating that a “Bad Library” was present. I had to clean my computer thoroughly before I managed to install it.

Lack of support

by jay,
Jan 19, 2013


I bought DBConvert as a trial and paid for it twice. Today it won’t let me export anything and it won’t even open. Can’t figure out what’s wrong. An upgrade is out of the question as I have no way of contacting the company.

Export all databases

by Anonymous,
Jan 18, 2013


I paid to upgrade to an authorized version. The author isn’t responding to emails so I want to uninstall the old version. But

What’s New in the?

DBConvert is an easy-to-use yet powerful DB converter that lets you migrate and backup databases from one type to another. Other than changing the format of tables and fields, you can also move database to newer versions, export to various formats, create backup copies, etc.
Key Features:
✔ Provides an extremely easy-to-use interface. With beautiful graphics and intuitive navigation, you will feel right at home in no time.
✔ Saves you from various compatibility issues. All databases are automatically converted to the format of your choice, and it will stay that way even if you export it to another type.
✔ Performs data migration from one database into another, safely. Existing data won’t be lost after the conversion.
✔ Consistently performs with any type of database, whether it’s SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle, or any other version you may have. You can also leave your choice of formats open.
✔ Can support any number of databases, including old ones and newer versions.
✔ A great option for database backup. You can use the database of your choice as the source, even if it has older or a newer version in it.
✔ Works in an instant, saving you valuable time.
✔ Can create or copy backups on the fly.
✔ Provides various settings to personalize your experience.
✔ Supports all Windows operating systems, from XP to Windows 7.
✔ Has a nice feature to convert various files as well.
✔ Has a nice feature to convert various files as well.
✔ Has a nice feature to create an optimized backup file.
✔ Complies with all databases, even 16-bit ones.The invention relates to a machine that can be used in the harvesting of field crop such as grain.
Various machines have been used to harvest crops such as soybeans, alfalfa, and wheat. These include combines and forage harvesters. All of these combine the harvested crop into a receiving chamber of the harvester where the crop is unloaded. Some combine harvesters utilize a threshing system. Other crop harvesters such as a combine operate without a threshing system. One exemplary crop harvester is found in U.S. Pat. No. 5,044,605 to Chang.
It is an object of the present invention to provide a crop harvesting system having a rotatable gathering head at the front of the

System Requirements For DBConvert:

-Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
-2.4 GHz Processor
-3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 11
-Access to a broadband internet connection
-Windows 10
-10 GB available disk space
(If you are having problem with this game, try update your Windows OS from 7 to 10 and also to update your video card