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GDS Child Menu application is a shell to your windows operating system. This shell works almost like the windows desktop, but is a advanced desktop-menu which contains buttons that can start any application and controll the process.
GDS Child Menu has a Child-Safe Internet Browser (build-in). GDS Child Menu have a lot of advanced features to prevent any damage caused by childs playing withe the pc.
We made this software as a way to handle childs usage of computers in a way, so you can feel safe while your small childs are playing. We hoped that Microsoft would have added a special CHILD account to Windows XP HOME, but ..NOT!.. Windows XP Home is NOT safe for small childs.
Here is a short breefing of, what you can control with GDS Child Menu:
■ Allowing only one application to run at a time.(optional)
■ Disabling any key on the keyboard (including special windows keys and combinations).
■ Control Logoff and Shutdown from the menu.
■ Automatically generates statistics of the applications that runs trught the menu. (time spend, number of times started etc..)
GDS Child Menu has been tested well by my own boy (he is 3� years old now) he have been using GDS Child Menu for the last year now on Windows XP Home. No problems, and the computer still runs! 🙂







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Works like a desktop menu, but much safer.
Use it to start any application, but especially to protect your children from the normal windows desktop.
■ Disable the CTRL-ALT-SHIFT, Alt-Tab, use the ALT-SPACE to select window.
■ Do not allow any keystrokes!
■ Start any application without problem!
■ The Windows System restarts!
■ Online cleaning!
■ Indication of all running program!
■ Features:
■ Left Click to STOP and RESUME any application!
■ Right Click to browse the folder structure!
■ You can cancel the start process of your application!
■ You can disconnect from the Internet!
■ Prevent the system from running the Updates!
■ You can Save your procceses!
■ You can Save any application for next time!
■ You can automatically Start your application once per time!
■ You can Indicatu your application name!
■ You can Control your IP-Program from the menu.
■ You can download a application/program from the Internet.
■ You can automatically Start application on Load.
■ You can Indicatu your IP-Program to Windows!
■ You can automatically start yourprogram after every restart!
■ You can INDICATE your most commonly used (new)application!
GDS Child Menu Edition Free (Not included in GDS Child Menu Standard):
This version is built-in and will be started on windows start-up.
You can start and stop all of the running programs.
You can Start from the GDS Menu.
You can Shutdown from the GDS Menu.
You can check the Info of your running program.
You can automatically Indicate your program on your startup.
You can save your procceses, and automatically starts them on system restart.
You can save your IP-Program to Windows.
You can remove the system update.
You can Save any of your program for future.
You can Request to be removed.
You can Remove your program from your system.
You can Mute the SOUND!
You can apply it to all your programs.
You can

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The Child-Safe Internet Browser: GDS Child Menu Full Crack have a Child-Safe Internet Browser built-in so you can easily use the Internet on your Child-Safe computer. There is no Pay-in-full or Kazaa or Moroe-nu!
Built-in DirectEdy(JEditor): Now you can test many new version of Java programs straight from the menu! And there are many built-in JEditor application of the
Built-in Dynamic Configuration: GDS Child Menu Free Download only tell which program you want to start once, if you change the main program, all other programs that is started by that program will be changed also!
Set How Many Clicks You Need: You can increase or decrease the number of clicks that you need to open any program (every program is different).
Show Programs by Status: You can open, minimize, close or delete any program. (i.e. for the programs that you installed)
Allow One-Click to Exit: The program you start cannot closed until you pressed the buttons of the menu.
Small Icon: If you are using a big monitor, GDS Child Menu can shown on the bottom of the monitor.
Automatically Logoff the User: if you close the program your are working in, then GDS Child Menu will automatically log off your PC.
Basic-Safe Mode: This option is for todays users that have or experience internet explorer problems. This is because Windows XP will not start in safe mode if you have installed a “wrong” web browser.
Create your personal Autostart folder: GDS Child Menu will create a folder where you can place your own shell autostart program. If you installed the wrong program in your autostart folder, GDS Child Menu will tell you that.
Multi-User Mode: When you are using GDS Child Menu as a child you can still use multiple users on the same computer.
Greate short cuts: Key press – Ctrl + Alt + Del for example will open a main menu where you can interact with the the computer.
Local Documents: Use F3 (short for file) to open the local documents: Example: “C:\[notepad.exe] FileName.txt”
Auto-Updater: The Auto-Updater will automatically install all the programs that has been newly published. If you have any problems, don’t worry, GDS Child Menu will tell you.
Change the Language

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GDS Child Menu is a self-made advanced yet short menu, it can start many applications with only one click, and

Keyboard Layout

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package javafx.scene.control;

import javafx.beans.NamedArg;
import javafx.scene.Node;

* A control encapsulating a {@link Label} instance
public class Label extends Control {
private String label;
private Node labelNode;
private Property textProperty;

What’s New in the GDS Child Menu?

* Setup and Configuriation – Confine to 1 or more applications. (Translate any keyboard to any language).
* Childs Internet Browser – Build-in Childs Internet Browser
* Set initial desktop wallpaper
* Set desktop background (only work on Windows XP Home).
* Start programs from the menu.
* Logoff and Shutdown from the menu.
* Control top 4 taskbar icons to open or save.
* Control the top menu bar.
* Control applications from any menu.
* Control any other top menu.
* New option “Set parent and child settings”. This will save all your preferences, and set them automatically again.
* Hide the bottom menu or move it to the top (if you have tried to move it yet, then it will not work for the moment, but it is a good option when we have time to implement)
* Menu to run several commands simultaneously.
* New option “New instance per process” so you can start a new instance of the program (if the process is killed or crashed) with different settings, e.g. no internet.
* New option “New instance per user”, so you can start a new instance of the program under another username and with different settings.
* New option “Show unique windows” when you use childs browser.
* New option “Show small child icon” on the top menu.
* New option “Show small child icon” on the system tray.
* New option “Show images for your desktop backgrounds”.
* New option “Show icons for your desktop backgrounds”.
* New option “Show buttons”.
* New option “Show keyboard.”
* New option “Show all keyboard”.
* New option “Show umenu at all times”.
* New option “Show all windows when maximizing.”
* New option “Show text for titlebar”.
* New option “Show descriptions.”
* New option “Show key-symbols (a few).”
* New option “Show menus.”
* New option “Show auto hide”.
* New option “Use :index.html as startup file.”
* New option “Use :child.html as startup file.”
* New option “Use new instance.”
* New option “Use default applications.”
* New option “Save this as a script file”.
* New option “Save this as a desktop shortcut file.”
* New option “Save this as an icon.”

System Requirements:

OS: OS X El Capitan 10.11.3
Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 6 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 2GB RAM, 256-bit
Hard Drive: 25GB free space, recommended for install.
Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB RAM, 256