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GreenPrint will solve a problem nearly every computer user has experienced the wasteful pages that seem only to appear after a document has been printed (for example, pages with just a URL, banner ad, legal jargon, or a run-over Excel column). GreenPrint can do this simply by analyzing the file, then highlighting and erasing all the unnecessary pages.
Solving this common problem for home and business users will not only save billions of dollars a year, but will also save tens of millions of trees, millions of tons of greenhouse gasses, and an enormous amount of landfill waste.
GreenPrint also incorporates an easy to use PDF writer, a fantastic print preview called GreenView, and a reporting feature which keeps track of the number of pages, trees, and money saved. GreenPrint’s Enterprise version tracks the organizations positive environmental impact (e.g. the number of trees saved, etc). It also provides an easy way to re-use paper already printed on one side one side before recycling it.
NOTE: Free for non-commercial uses only.







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— Fully configurable PDF writer with 9 (plus 2 draft) pages, Full-screen preview, 4-color background, non-default paper sizes, and a unique barcode system that is 100% customizable.
— GreenPrint Cracked 2022 Latest Version has an unlimited number of new (and unlimited) forms that can be called upon as needed.
— U.S. Postage Saver technology lets you save money even if your customer is on a postage-only plan.
— GreenPrint Cracked Version will free up many hundreds of thousands of trees, and save millions of gallons of water, both now and over the life of the document.
— GreenPrint Crack will also save an incredible amount of landfill space, and will ultimately improve air quality through reduced landfill gas emissions.
— GreenPrint will save your customers money – GreenPrint delivers on the promise to deliver a product that actually saves their money. For example, GreenPrint saves the typical customer 1-1/4 gallons of petroleum per year.
— GreenPrint helps save the trees. Each page printed for our customer decreases the need for 14 trees – a billion trees a year worldwide.
— GreenPrint reduces the amount of light energy used by reducing the number of pages needed per print job.
— GreenPrint is a professional quality product. Our design uses double-sided printing (two pages per sheet) and features anti-jamming design to prevent undesired fuser activity.
— GreenPrint is a true end-to-end product with all the necessary features and components to produce a professional product. GreenPrint will run on many different operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh OS X. We also have a web-based application that runs on any type of Internet browser.
— GreenPrint includes an easy-to-use PDF writer, color copier, both Laser and Inkjet printers, a unique print barcode system that can be used to control a number of different printing operations, and a really cool print preview called GreenView.
— GreenPrint has an unlimited number of new forms that can be called upon as needed. And one of the many features is that if you print from another document (like the Excel spreadsheet that you created), you can reuse the existing PDF format that was printed for you!
— U.S. Postage Saver Technology. Our customers don’t pay extra for a postage stamp – they pay less because they can use the mail postage stamp features on file to save money on postage. You can think of GreenPrint as a complete solution to postage

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GreenPrint is the professional tool to improve your print output and save the trees. It’s easy to use, and it’s a program you may be using everyday. Based on technology from Document Imaging Productivity (
GreenPrint first scans the file, then scans the file again (another scan, but on the exact same file), then blends the two scans together to form a beautiful, crystal clear, high-resolution output. As such, GreenPrint is a document repair program. Instead of printing each page on a freshly formatted printer, it does a scan of the file first, then places a copy of that newly scanned page on the printer. Thus, it is more than just a document repair program.
GreenPrint Features include:
“Print Preview” shows you exactly what it will look like BEFORE you print.
Generates files that can be easily cut and pasted into any other document.
Erases everything except for the pages needed.
Filters out and finds all the plastic, paper, ink, silverlight, and banner ad pages.
Prints files on both sides of a sheet of paper.
Prints files that are already existing on the system, and better yet, reuses them.
Creates a new PDF file with the same title, file size, page count, and all other properties.
GreenPrint also includes the Document Imaging PDF maker, which allows you to add watermarks, crop, and add your signature and text.
GreenPrint Enterprise includes:
Records the organization’s positive environmental impact as it performs the above features.
GreenPrint can create an Excel file to record the trees and trash avoided.
Companies can share this software with their employees.
Three unique editions of GreenPrint are available. GreenPrint Pro, GreenPrint Enterprise, and GreenPrint Enterprise Recording. The three editions are identical except the Enterprise Edition records the organizational positive environmental impact. There is a $50.00 per year maintenance charge for the Pro and Enterprise Editions.
Free trial.
Click the Buy It Now, and we will send you a secure payment form to complete.
If you have a webhosting company, we can ship via a secure download for you. (You will receive an email with your download instructions.)

GreenPrint is a cost-effective software to clean all the banner ads, legal jargon, and pages you may want to clean. Scanning and printing the file

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1. GreenPrint can identify any type of environmental foot-print (i.e. paper, paper and
board, glass, and ink) — and will identify both paper and plastic from fax paper and
faxes. GreenPrint can be used with any standard computer printer. GreenPrint
has been designed specifically for users to eliminate up to 50% of the paper being
2. GreenPrint utilizes a collaborative search-engine algorithm to find the absolute
minimum, printed page size. GreenPrint then eliminates up to three quarters of a
printout by eliminating pages that contain only a URL or banner ad, legal jargon,
and a blank page.
3. GreenPrint allows users to add notes, and enables them to create a custom
“report” file of all the wasteful pages found in a document. GreenPrint’s
reporting feature has saved users in the field of conservation biology more than
$22 million dollars in waste.
4. GreenPrint is easy to use — simply highlight the pages you want eliminated (not
necessary to select all pages) then click the “Erase” button.
5. In addition to an eraser button, a “Clear All” button is available to remove all
content without leaving the page.
6. An “Erase All” button will erase all content (not just unwanted graphics).
7. GreenPrint features a persistent print preview called GreenView, which allows
users to see each page, with optional highlighting of those pages they want to
8. All text is scanned for accurate font matching and GreensPrint’s search engine
allows searches across all pages.
9. GreenPrint has an optional PDF writer, designed specifically for what to print.
10. GreenPrint provides professional report generation with custom titles, sections
and headers.
11. GreenPrint calculates the number of trees and gallons of water saved, the amount of
used paper to be recycled and reports the positive environmental impact (e.g. the
number of trees saved and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions saved).
12. GreenPrint is an easy to use add-on plug-in for Microsoft Word and all personal
and commercial versions of WordPerfect.
13. GreenPrint is available for download and evaluation from the GreenPrint website

What’s New In GreenPrint?

GreenPrint is the best printer driver ever written. It is 1.4 MB, and the interface is very similar to a spreadsheet, making it simple for novices to learn. It even documents what each number means, so they can see at a glance where to change things.
GreenPrint comes with standard fonts (Arial, Helvetica, Times, Courier), color-coded for easy viewing, along with customizable borders, and every page has a bar at the bottom to track the number of trees and dollars saved.
GreenPrint will highlight the pages that are unnecessary, so you don’t have to worry about printing unnecessary pages, saving trees, and saving money.
GreenPrint saves the following amounts of money for you every year:
1 page costs $0.10 – $4.00 per sheet of paper
5 pages costs $3.00
10 pages costs $5.00
100 pages costs $20.00
1000 pages costs $49.00
10,000 pages costs $74.00
100,000 pages costs $126.00
1,000,000 pages costs $184.00
GreenPrint saves the following amounts of trees for you every year:
1 page saves 1 tree
5 pages saves 7 trees
10 pages saves 70 trees
100 pages saves 700 trees
1,000 pages saves 7,000 trees
100,000 pages saves 75,000 trees
1,000,000 pages saves 775,000 trees
GreenPrint saves the following amounts of trees for the planet:
1 page saves 1 tree
5 pages saves 7 trees
10 pages saves 70 trees
100 pages saves 700 trees
1,000 pages saves 7,000 trees
100,000 pages saves 75,000 trees
1,000,000 pages saves 775,000 trees
NOTE: Free for non-commercial uses only.
GreenPrint’s engine is written in C and takes advantage of the latest generation of Windows 32-bit and 64-bit programming techniques. It runs very well, even on older PCs. Users have a choice of 32-bit or 64-bit versions of GreenPrint.
I recommend using a 32-bit version, since the newer 64-bit Windows operating systems require 64-bit applications, and this one is a 32-bit application.
A link to a 32-bit version of GreenPrint is in the download section. The 64-bit version is also available. The installer comes with a simple setup

System Requirements For GreenPrint:

OS: Windows 7/8 (64 bit)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Processor: Dual-core 2 GHz or faster
Hard Drive: 2 GB free space (minimum)
Video Card: DirectX 11 compliant
Additional Notes: You can also check this site for more information
Laptop: Graphics and CPU
Laptop: HDD space
Mobile: Screen size
Mobile: GPS
Mobile: Resolution