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Created as the portable edition of CheckFolder, this is a simplistic tool that can scan entire directories to verify whether the containing files are corrupt or not.
You can use it to check the integrity of files before burning them to disk, for example, to make sure everything is in working order. Although it may sound complex, the program performs scan jobs automatically and sports just a couple of configuration settings.
Portability perks
Since there is no setup pack involved, you can extract the application files to any directory on the disk and just click the .exe to launch CheckFolder. There is also the possibility to store it on a removable storage unit (like a pen drive) to effortlessly run it on any PC and verify file integrity. Unlike most installers, it doesn't modify Windows registry settings.
Browse folders for file integrity
Represented by a plain and simple window, the interface lets you get started by selecting a drive or directory whose containing files you want to check for errors.
This task can be triggered with the click of a button, after which CheckFolder shows two progress bars for the current file and overall task. Plus, you can check out the elapsed, remaining and total time, processed files and folders, together with identified errors (if any).
Customize program settings
Unfortunately, the app doesn't implement an option for opening the location of the faulty files in Windows Explorer without leaving CheckFolder's interface, nor for eliminating them from the disk or at least moving them to a separate folder.
On the other hand, it has some buttons with shortcuts to quickly scan the removable and optical drives, while new ones can be added to the list with any drive or directory you want. You can also change the interface skin, set the buffer size (in bytes), and control errors by preventing denied access or sharing violations.
Evaluation and conclusion
The tool didn't put a strain on the overall performance of the machine in our tests. It carried out scan jobs swiftly and didn't hang, crash or prompt errors. Although it doesn't come bundled with more advanced options and configuration settings, CheckFolder can be handled by less experienced users who want to rapidly check files for errors.







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– Multilingual
– Portable
– Free
– Automatic scan file integrity
– Runs without installing
– Supports external drives
– Configurable with a few clicks

How to find and remove Anisflict-Anise.exe from your system

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Uninstall Anise-Uninstall.exe from your computer
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How to find and remove Anisflict-Anise.exe from your system

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Open msconfig.exe and go to the Startup tab. In the left pane, click on Select an item to view the startup items. Scroll down and locate Anise-Setup.exe, if it is listed.

Uninstall Anise-Setup.exe from your computer
If Anise-Setup.exe is present on your computer, right click on it and choose Delete from the menu.

How to find and remove Anisflict-Anise.exe from your system

Check if Anise.exe is already on your computer
Open msconfig.exe and go to the Startup tab. In the left pane, click on Select an item to view the startup items. Scroll down and locate Anise.exe, if it is listed.

Uninstall Anise.exe from your computer
If Anise.exe is present on your computer, right click on it and choose Delete from the menu.

If you were wondering why our drive doesn’t have a message displayed, it’s because the message occurs at the end of the scan, so to see the message, you need to have the drive plugged in.
I will make a screen shot of the scan result window when the message appears.Cephalic target movement has no impact on oculomotor performance of the monkey.
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CheckFolder is a free tool that enables Windows users to check whether files are corrupted on optical or external drives or if entire drives are damaged.

Starting with Windows XP, manufacturers could print their own manufacturer codes on the back of display devices to help users identify their latest equipment.

But without working codes, tech-savvy consumers would have to disassemble the driver, read the date and time manually, and then find the equivalent numerical code using other information on the drive.

Microsoft has worked to simplify the process of identifying faulty hardware by releasing Windows Device Manager and its new support for manufacturer code printing.

The first of its kind in Windows, Device Manager can display the code to the user of any device, even if they do not have the original codes.

If you’ve installed firmware updates from your PC manufacturer and then tried to reinstall or recover lost data, you may have noticed that a lot of the data are missing from the recovery drive or the original operating system. This is because Windows can sometimes cause damage to the data on the drive during the recovery process.

Such a problem can be minimized by using a flash-based Data Recovery software. But if you have a damaged OS, you can try using a recovery or startup disk to repair any OS-related damage that may have occurred.

A startup or recovery disk can repair a damaged operating system by the use of a series of bootable installation media: USB flash drive, CD, or DVD. It is created as a system diagnostic tool to check, test, repair, restore and reinstall the operating system or the affected hardware. A startup or recovery disk keeps the system boot sequence on the disk, and as it is a bootable media, you can use it to boot the operating system and then repair the damaged OS.

Startup/recovery disk is a CD, DVD, USB stick, a hard drive, or a network drive containing the operating system and its data, as well as the drivers for your hardware. It starts the system in read-only mode and can repair the following:

The lack of a compatible driver for your hardware.

Problem with the computer system itself.

Inability to start the system or the computer due to the inability of the hardware to be detected.

Data loss caused by virus, power outage, or hardware failure.

Data lost in a corrupted system file

NTFS volume corruption due to hardware failure or a virus.


What’s New in the Portable CheckFolder?

CheckFolder is a simple utility that lets you scan the files of entire directories, looking for disk errors.

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux



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Pirated software is illegal – use of this application is strictly prohibited. You are welcome to trial version, but you can’t install it after 30 days. If you like this software, support us in purchasing it.//
// UIView+MASAdditions.h
// Masonry
// Created by Jonas Budelmann on 20/07/13.
// Copyright (c) 2013 cloudling. All rights reserved.

#import “MASUtilities.h”
#import “MASConstraintMaker.h”
#import “MASViewAttribute.h”

* Provides constraint maker block
* and convience methods for creating MASConstraints.
* Is similar to NSLayoutConstraintMaker, but it does not unroll nested constraints
* Based on MasonryConstraintMaker
@interface MASConstraintMaker : NSObject

* Creates a new MASConstraintMaker with the given view.
* @param view any MASConstraint are created with this view
– (id)initWithView:(MAS_VIEW *)view;


Do I need a custom header when creating a swagger API?

I am creating a JSON rest api. I like Swagger for my UI/UX and the generated code for the api. When I edit the generated code I see the following:
“/documentation”: {
“get”: {
“tags”: [
“summary”: “Returns a list of available documents.”,
“parameters”: [
“name”: “id”,
“in”: “path”,

System Requirements For Portable CheckFolder:

Install the GBA Plugin for Mupen64+ before installing this plugin.
A key mapping tool.
Blind (to the player) motion based key mappings.
Quick Move (to the player) motion based key mappings.
To use: