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Recovering deleted files is a task that can be accomplished using a variety of tools, some of which target specific formats. Restoration is one of the apps that will help you get back erased data regardless of the file type you're after.
Why opt for portable programs
One of the greatest things about Restoration is that it doesn't need to be installed, so you can basically run it from a USB flash drive, a CD or even a floppy drive.
User-friendly interface
It has a nice, simple and very clean interface, with minimal settings, so you can easily take advantage of its powerful recovery features. Just pick the drives you want to scan for removed files, wait a little bit, choose the files and hit the Restore button to have them back.
Fast performance
Of course, scanning takes a while, especially if you have very large hard disks, but during our tests the overall search time was measured in seconds rather than in minutes. Also, the recovery was very efficient in our case, but it might sometimes fail if it has to deal with really old files that will be only partially restored.
Restoration is a pretty fast application and it works very smooth, so it won't eat up system resources while searching for files to be recovered.
Bottom line
Overall, Restoration is one of the first tools to try if you accidentally removed some important files, but just as any software it cannot do the impossible and bring back files erased beyond recovery.







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is an advanced recovery solution designed to quickly and reliably recover missing files from all kinds of storage media. Its advanced features combine with a simple and intuitive interface. Recovery modules include file recovery and registry repair, and can recover from CD/DVD, USB drives, ZIP, ISO and many more. The program can also repair FAT32, NTFS and exFAT file systems, and even recover deleted JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF and other image files. What’s more, it can rebuild the registry, so even for the most damaged or missing registry keys, it can automatically recover without any data loss.
NOTE: Restoring registry is not the same as reformatting your Windows partition, reformatting only removes the file system and all the data, including data in your registry.

Deleted video files and photos can now be retrieved back thanks to the powerful new Recovery tool.
This program lets you search for files that have been deleted, move or copy them back to their previous location or preserve them for restoration. It also saves the deleted data in its original condition before being overwritten.
Why use it? Because you can’t be sure if you’ll come across the files later and want to recover them. You never know when you may want them again so it’s better to leave them in one piece.
• Recover deleted files or photos, or move them back to their previous location• Save recovered files in their original condition (even when moved)• Reverse Lookup to quickly find files or other objects by their content• Full support for multiple file extensions• After recovery simply save or move the restored file or photo back to your computer• Search for Files/Photos that Contain Specific Text • Protect your files against accidental or intentional deletion

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With the best disc recovery software you can restore files that are removed or accidentally deleted. The picture you were just working on, the movie you were watching, the documents or anything can be lost or damaged easily because of mistaken operation. It’s harmful to have your important files disappear like this. With the help of this program, the lost files can be found and the recovery is guaranteed. This tool not only recovers files from the local disc but also from the network and the Internet. So you can’t lose your data because of the lost disc and network. This tool works faster than any other software and enables you to restore several files in a single time. It supports all versions of Windows and Mac OS. The best part of this tool is that it’s free. So if you are looking for an application that will help you recover deleted files, then look no further. Download the best file recovery application and recover deleted files.
What You Will Get:

#1. Smart File Recovery Software: The first program in the list, the name tells what it does. It can recover files from different devices and media, such as local hard drives, USB flash drives, CD/DVD, SD memory card, network drives and much more.
#2. Compatible with All Windows and Mac Operating Systems: To use the best file recovery program, you need to install it on your system and configure it to search for the lost files on your drives or network drives.
#3. High Accuracy Recovery: It works accurately and faster than the other similar software. The best part of this tool is that it’s free and doesn’t take much space.
#4. User-Friendly Features: The software is user-friendly and easy to use.
#5. Unlimited Undeleting Option: You can select as many files as you want and recover them with one click.
#6. Guaranteed Recovery: the software is fully protected and offers 100% recovery success.
#7. Secure and Safe Data Recovery: The software is protected by unique security technology that makes sure your data is secure.
#8. Automatic File Repair: Once you select a file and click Recover, this tool will automatically repair the corrupted or lost data in your files.
#9. Ease of Use: To use the software, it is as simple as you can think.
Key Features:
#1. Smart File Recovery: The tool can search data automatically and easily. It can find and restore files quickly.

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Recover lost pictures and data from digital cameras
With the free photo recovery application from Olympus, you will be able to recover lost photos on different types of digital cameras.
Create a USB flash drive to back up photos
This application allows you to attach a supported digital camera or memory card and save your images to a virtual drive, or to a real USB flash drive. In this way, your data will be safe while you use another device.
This program recovers pictures, video files and other data from different types of digital cameras. You can select and recover only a part of the pictures on the card, or you can select all of the files and recover them at once.
If you need a photo file to send to someone, use this program to save your images on a USB drive. This will make it easy to show the images in a slideshow on your screen.
Free download and try the easy-to-use photo recovery software that can recover lost pictures from a wide range of digital cameras.
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion
Download the free photo recovery application from Olympus and test it by scanning your own photos and videos on your machine.

With a fast and easy-to-use interface, the program manages files recovery and file archival and retrieval purposes.
Search for files and folders
Back up the important documents and photos on your computer
Files recovery from external drives, such as: USB, external, FireWire, iPod, etc.
System file recovery
Recovers files from local, network or removable drives (including Mac HFS, Mac OS Extended, HFS+, ReFS, Networked, etc)
Chunking recovery
Recover audio files from optical drives, USB drives, disk, CD, and so on.
File recovery (unformatted disks)
Recover deleted files and folders from your hard drive or memory devices
Back up mobile devices (like USB drives, memory cards and so on)
Recover deleted documents
Back up files
Deleted files recovery
File recovery from CD, DVD, and other optical discs
Recover from flash drives
Data recovery (data recovery software package)
Support Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and many other data formats
Back up files to disk or save to a Flash drive
Recover files from hard drive, mobile, CD, DVD and other storage media
Back up files or images
System backup or restore software

What’s New In Restoration?

Recovery is an application designed for those that have forgotten their files. This application will see that all files are automatically restored to the original and possible one way to recover them is by using restoration.
Key features of the application:
✔ Find any information, original data, messages, and files that was deleted from your computer.
✔ Involve available for all types of files, in addition to documents, music, audio, games, videos, etc.
✔ It supports restoring a variety of file types, such as archives, email, html, media files, text, pdf, and other types.
✔ It has a powerful algorithm that can scan very large disks in only seconds and minutes.
✔ Its interface is very simple to use and allows you to operate without any difficulty.
✔ Optimized to work on all types of computers and in all versions of Windows.
✔ All files are shown in a tree of directories so you can also recover any secret file that was hidden, or simply file that was saved on the desktop.
✔ Use a powerful algorithm and make your files available all without making any changes to the original document, image or music.
It’s a perfect solution to your problems so don’t wait more and download the software to experience it.
How to use?
When you delete a file from your computer, you probably realize that you’ve lost the information which it is carrying; for example, email messages, files, or any other data. To recover those files, you need a program that can find and automatically restore deleted files for you. In this article, we’ll be covering the most popular and useful of those programs.

The best free software for recovering deleted files is WinRecovery. This software, however, can not recover files that are first encrypted or password protected, or if the original file has been physically damaged. To recover encrypted data, you will have to contact your recovery software manufacturer for help.
Like other file recovery software, WinRecovery promises to find files that have been deleted. It actually uses a different approach compared to other applications. Unlike the others, the process described by this application is carried out in blocks. When a block is scanned, the free space on the disk occupied by the file is compared with the zero block size. If you use a desktop shortcut, it is likely to be stored in the profile folder. Other file recovery programs will find this feature as well.
Recover file by WinRecovery

System Requirements For Restoration:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64-bit)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM (32-bit only)
Video Card: DirectX 9 graphics card with 1024×768 or better resolution (32-bit only)
Hard Drive: 12 GB free space
Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible sound card
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
DirectX: Shader Model 4.0