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It is the all in one (AIO) Royal theme (10 in 1 colors):
This is based on royalmod theme by TGTSoft. But I fixed many bugs like the left border for some windows and dialog boxes.


Download ⚹⚹⚹

Download ⚹⚹⚹






Royal AIO (10 Colors) Theme Incl Product Key 2022

This theme is all in one theme, and is fully customized by me.
It is the perfect theme for intermediate and advanced Photoshop users.
It has 10 colors: Black, Gray, Green, Midnight, Silver, Red,
Purple, Yellow, Blue, White.
It was designed for Black, Silver and Red background.
So if you have the other ones, and just change their background color.
you have this theme.
It is highly customizable.
There is a lot of control for every element you see.
There is a lot of advanced features (like Layer Styles, Resize,
Tint, Mask and so on).
So I highly recommend this theme for beginners (who have not yet learnt the features of Photoshop)
and advanced photoshop users.
You can make modifications here.
You can contact me here, in case there are bugs, or you want to share your ideas.
This theme is available in two parts:
2. It is the blank version. So you can change your photos background color and customize in the next steps.
You can download the photos from:

You can contact me here, in case you want to discuss something else.
If you have any questions, or you need help about the theme,
you can contact me here in this forum.
I will be happy to help you.
Here are some questions and answers for you:
1- How can I change the photos background color (if I don’t have the royal one)?
2- I want to change the colors for my photos. Can you give me the codes for those colors?
3- I want to merge my photos with the Royal AIO. But my photos have transparent background. Is there anyway to solve this?
4- Why are some images missing in some parts of the theme?
5- Can you share with me your Royal AIO file with your photos and the colors?
Thanks and good luck.
2. RO

Royal AIO (10 Colors) Theme Crack Free Download (Updated 2022)


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Royal AIO (10 Colors) Theme Crack+ Serial Number Full Torrent


– hotkeys:

– switch music and soundback themes:
mouse right or left click on the wallpaper will show a context menu with the buttons on it.

– sound:
right click on the desktop background and choose “show your sound settings”. You will see all windows sounds and even the sounds of the games in your game list.
and if you are playing a game and you will close it by clicking on the exit button on game menu you can change your sound back into default. or click on the button on the right of the game’s name to open its menu and change the settings from there.

– logon screen:
– first logon menu:
mouse right or left click on the wallpaper will show a context menu with the buttons on it.

– last logon menu:

– logoff menu:
right click on the desktop background and choose “show your log off menu”. You will see all log off menu, shutdown options, multi account and logoff menu options like the no and yes choices.

– switch languages:
– display languages:
– hotkeys:

– aiglx:
right click on the desktop background and choose “show your multi-touch area”. You will see an option to add or remove a 4th screen.

– desktop screen:

– display screens:
first screen are:
1st: wallpaper
2nd: sound
3rd: logon screen (my to be)
4th: desktop
2nd screen:
1st: display languages
2nd: monitor shut down
3rd: logoff menu
3rd screen:
1st: desktop
2nd: hotkey menu
3rd: sound
4th: logoff menu


Changes log:

– October 28, 2011:

– light edition:
– changes:
1. – customization of the left border of the windows.
2. – the wallpaper position in the left top of the screen.
3. – display languages.
4. – custom hotkeys.
5. – changed the default sound by a more worthy one.

I hope you like this Royal theme.
If you have any wish or suggestion please let me know by commenting on this topic or you can e-mail me with your sugestions and I

What’s New In Royal AIO (10 Colors) Theme?

(Please, rate it if it’s usable.)
I’m a first-time post, so please be gentle…
I’m very new to python and I’m trying to make my theme for a game that I’m coding, but I’ve never used python before…
It’s about a game that it’s a player that has to press many buttons (like CTRL) to do things in the game.

Yeah, I know that I should use a library like pygame or something, but I know that (at the moment) everything works directly in python.
My idea is that I can make all the pygame functions in the game more simple, in the style of the AIO “Royal” theme. I mean, in the style of the old roms…
First, is that possible? And, if that’s possible, could you give me some advice?
The main idea is to set the border at every window (I know pygame don’t have “border”, but I mean a border like on an old roms) and even to just use the color for the buttons…
The problem that I have is the following:
I made the border with a list of pygame.Rect objects, and I want to make a function in order to print the color of each button (in python), so I can change the color of one or more buttons.
The code in python:
colorList = []

def getColor(color):
for i, item in enumerate(colorList):
if item == color:
return colorList[i]

def getText(text, size):
font = pygame.font.Font(“data/DejaVuSans.ttf”, size)

return font.render(text, True, getColor(color))

def getButtonColor(color, button):

def drawButton(button, screen, rect):
button.draw(screen, rect)

And the rest…
As I said before, I’m very new to python, and I would like to have some help…


If you want to set border for individual pygame surface, you can use pygame.Rect. This will allow you to set

System Requirements For Royal AIO (10 Colors) Theme:

For Windows 7/8/8.1/10:
For Mac OS X:
Windows Minimum:
Mac OS X Minimum:
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