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I do not see the wedding dresses or bridesmaid dress. But I see many.
When I scroll right in dresses and bridesmaids, I see there are a lot of designs.
Dresses and bridesmaid dresses are many in this website, there are about 20 designs.
Even you are looking for the best and beautiful wedding dresses, you can have a try.
This is the website to meet your requirements, you can see more details.
Thank you.



This can be done easily with two packages, visnetwork and ggraph:



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Mar 13, 2020
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Prove that if $p$ and $q$ are integers such that $\sqrt{(p+\sqrt{p})^2+q^2}=x$ then $p+\sqrt{p}\in\mathbb{Z}$

How can I prove that if $p$ and $q$ are integers such that $\sqrt{(p+\sqrt{p})^2+q^2}=x$ then $p+\sqrt{p}\in\mathbb{Z}$?

I tried using the fact that $\mathbb{Q}\subseteq\mathbb{R}$ and taking the following two possibilities:
$p=x^2-q^2$ and $q=-p-\sqrt{p}$ or
$p=x^2-q^2$ and $q=p+\sqrt{p}$.
In the first case I get that $p=x^2-q^2\in\mathbb{Q}$ and $x\in\mathbb{Q}$ by using the aforementioned fact, and in the second case $x=\sqrt{(p+\sqrt{p})^2+q^2}\in\mathbb{Q}$ and $p+\sqrt{p}\in\mathbb{Q}$ by again using the fact.
Am I missing anything?


You can always move $p$ into the inside of the root function. Let
so that $p+\sqrt{p}+q=x^2$, where



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