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Zoll Aed Plus Serial Number Location


The ZOLL AED Plus model number is located on the back of the device next to the serial number.n Batteries: when to replace ZOLL AED Plus .n CES-1830 is a soft plastic battery for new ZOLD AED devices. It is available for AED and AED+ models. Battery life is quite high – more than 6 years. There is also an inexpensive battery ZOLT AEDUX-123 (1600 mAh) with similar properties.
See the Service and Maintenance section for battery replacement instructions.
10.7.2. Charger for ZOLL
To charge the batteries, you must use a charger from ZOLF. For ZOLZLE 1.5A and 2.0A, there is a similar charger from ZIKE, but it does not recharge the batteries. If you need to charge your batteries, please contact a ZOL representative who provides such services.
A list of chargers from Zolf and ZOLKIT is published on the manufacturer’s website in the “Helpful Tips” section. ZOL charging cabinets have a number of features.

The rechargeable batteries on the ROAM-kit are charged as follows:
1. Check the batteries. Trigger a light signal on the ROAK-1 panel. If the batteries are charged and the indicator on the panel has not changed, then the batteries can be charged.
2. Remove the battery from the terminal (connector) before charging.
3. Connect the terminal (connector) to the charger.
4. Turn on the charging module. The image of the charger will appear on the computer screen. ROALK-01 can work without being connected to an external charging port.
5. Wait at least 20 minutes for the battery to fully discharge.
6. Repeat steps 2-4.
7. If the battery “walks”, repeat steps 3-6.
8. After charging is complete, remove the battery from the charging module.
9. Recharge the battery.
10a. Use ROAB-04 to charge, for example, a ZOLA-1200A battery.
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