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Fjalori I Gjuhes Se Sotme Shqipe Pdf Download


Category:Glossaries of Albanian language
Category:Albanian words and phrases
Category:Albanian language
Category:Cyrillic alphabets
Category:Albanian languageGlyphidocera leucocommata

Glyphidocera leucocommata is a moth of the Autostichidae family. It is found in North America, including California, Montana and Texas.

The larvae feed on Urtica species.


Category:Moths described in 1897
Category:Moths of North AmericaQ:

Non-Closing and non-Duplicate Questions are a Bad Thing?

I just got locked out of meta and my posts are marked as status-norepro because “I said in my question to comment on the question and not on my post.” It said my post is no longer welcome on this site.
I have left several comments on the question and have been waiting for a response since yesterday without any response and my account being locked. I don’t see why I can’t post my question again since my comments have nothing to do with my question.
How can I contact a Stack Exchange employee to see why I can’t post again on meta and why my account is locked?


The “locked” status is for posts that need immediate attention. There are many reasons for a post to be locked, such as having a link in the answer that goes to a spam site, trying to answer a comment or answer as a comment, etc. There was also a bug that caused some meta posts to be locked for a short time.
It’s important that you read this post about how to deal with locked posts: Handling Locked Posts

I have a broad definition of “need immediate attention,” in that I will unlock a post if I can articulate a specific issue and can resolve the problem. This is why I manually unlocked the post in question. If you don’t see a post that needs your immediate attention, flag it as “other.” If that happens to be the case, please explain in the reason why you think a post is in need of immediate attention.

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