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On September 10, 2011, a fake Game Freak staff announced the “Game Freak & Pokémon” exhibition which would open at the . The exhibition was supposed to run until December 11, 2011, and would feature an “exclusive Blu-ray Movie” of Kyurem vs. The Sacred Swordsman.
In 2011, it was reported that two girls had found a hacked version of Pokémon Emerald on Xbox Live, and because they could not find any of the hacks on the “original net” (a way to find copies of hacked software), they contacted Nintendo to find out how to get it. It was discovered that the ROM for the game had been leaked during the hacking process, and that Nintendo knew about it because it was released to the public. Nintendo gave all of the hackers three to five days to get in contact with them. On September 8, 2011, Nintendo confirmed that the ROM was leaked by a little-known hacking group, the Onion Knights. After this, they were sent a letter of warning and told that any future hacking attempts on GameCube games would result in a 60 day ban on game consoles. The tournament in Japan was cancelled.
After the series ended in Japan, the developers stated they would never develop a Pokémon anime again. The Pokémon anime switched to a new studio soon after the cancellation of Pokémon: Best Wishes.

[Pokemon] Official Site [in Japan]
There’s not a voice-over in sight, you won’t hear a familiar character’s catchphrase, and all the standard Pokémon are in one place—the Poké Ball. That means it’s time for Team Rocket and Team Magma to put their skills to the test in their battle for supremacy. This time, though, it’s more serious—the world’s in chaos, and only one team can save it.

In the Pokémon Emerald hack a new pokemon, and a sprite is added as some and removed others.

[Your] Pokémon Game [USA]
In this episode you will get to battle the Pokémon champion who is known as the champion of Pokémon, George.

Upcoming Game Release [In Japan]
This game is not yet complete. You can get your hands on it now, and you can also play it on your iOS or Android device.

[Your] True Self [in Canada]
Finally your pokemon and your fears have been put to the test. With the world in full chaos, the world’s mascot has to save the world. The battle for the true self has begun.