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Jun 25, 2017
Pythagoras CAD + GIS 2012 desktop version … – Official Download Link.
Apr 18, 2016
Your Project will create pythagoras, pythagoras theorem, landscape, perspective, Sketch, CAD, 3D, and GIS visualization.
Jun 2, 2019
Pythagoras, CAD & GIS solution for all your mapping projects! Survey – Indoor mapping – Vehicle control – UAVs and amplifiers; .
Download Pythagoras CAD + GIS 2012 Final
Apr 18, 2020
Download Pythagoras, CAD, 3D and GIS Solution as well.
Porous Sericin Hydrogel Coatings as Pluripotent and Stem Cell Biocompatible Scaffolds.
Sericin is an α-keratinaceous biopolymer secreted by the silk glands of various insects. Here, we develop novel porous sericin hydrogel coatings (Ps-Gs) as versatile scaffolds for cell-based biofabrication. The porosity of the coatings can be precisely controlled from 25 to 90%, and their hydrophilicity makes them highly amenable to cell adhesion and cell growth. Furthermore, their morphological and structural properties facilitate the development of microenvironments that enhance cell-material interaction. Scaffolds containing seeding cells are readily sterilized in a gas plasma and exhibit higher adhesion strength than conventional poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) scaffolds in vitro. Additionally, a 1:1 seeding ratio of endothelial cells to MSCs in vitro shows the highest viability at 37 °C and facilitated angiogenesis. Furthermore, after subcutaneous transplantation into mice, the coating grafts induce angiogenic signaling and vascularization, which are comparable to PLGA grafts. Taken together, these characteristics make the Ps-Gs promising scaffolds for high-quality and reproducible cell-based biofabrication.Viroq

Viroq (also written as Virgo, Virgoc, Wiroq, Virgoc and Virgocz) is a village in the İzmir Province of Turkey, located in the western neighborhood of Çavuştepe, a part of Çavuştepe township. At it is located on the Aegean coast of Turkey, it is north of Çavuştepe


Here is the direct link to download and install Pythagoras CAD + GIS 2012 program for PC.
Start the Download to get the standalone setup of Pythagoras CAD + GIS 2012. Install it using the downloaded setup file in few minutes and enjoy.
If you need any help or suggestions to install or use Pythagoras CAD + GIS 2012, you are welcome to post your comments or ask your question.
Update 2020 :
New Pythagoras CAD + GIS 2020 software Released. To get the latest version for your computer systems, please click here to download the setups.
New Stuff In Pythagoras CAD + GIS 2020 :
1.Save from curve to curve in common as well as all others.
2.Building Saves and much more.
3.Stitching Mode.
4.Shear Control Mode.
5.Height Control – Show/Hide Control – Select between show control and show/hide control with shift.
6.Survey and geo orientation output options.
7.Open geodatabase in your editor can now choose which editor to use.
8.Saving tracks to a polyline, polygon, and a point.
9.Edit Line/Polyline/Polygon with the lines visible to show direction.
10.Scrubbing in the new frame based camera functionality.
Full Read More Here
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ThanksDr. Guido van Nooten:…

Peter van den Bosch: And can you answer that question?

Guido van Nooten: We are looking into a problem with a lot of companies that have lot of duplicate products. So, we are looking at that, but also we are looking at a problem with the single product line that is not represented correctly in the portal, or at least most of them are not represented correctly in the portal.

Peter van den Bosch: OK, so how long does it take? You’re looking at very high volumes of data, I assume.

Guido van Nooten: This is all new for us, so we are looking at a new solution. And then we’re looking at possibly the idea of using the information from the