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. Jul 28, 2011 New era, the new millennium, and the new millennium, and the new dawn. Now we go even stronger, even more extreme. Even more extreme… And with the new dawn, even more extreme. Yoink! And for the new millennium, now. Now, now, let’s go! The century. The 2000’s.Offers for corporate and private land in East Anglia

Peter Skelton Reports:

This former C&W engineering manager with a passion for East Anglian history, river development and archaeology is now happy to offer free services to land owners and land companies who want to attract larger developments in East Anglia.

He loves meeting people who are working on projects, and helps them to clarify their objectives, develop their ideas and improve their offer to buyers.

“If you have a project and you want to talk with someone who is here to help, please feel free to contact me.” He said. “Your interests or request could help someone else here who has something similar, and it’s a good way for us all to learn and make things better.”

Peter is on an extended break, so he’s using the web site as a public diary of his experiences. You can read his reflections, his comments, his opinions. All his advice is offered freely and with no obligation to sell in return.

“I’m really pleased to see so many people who have signed up to this site,” he said. “Before the web site we had to phone around. It’s good to do all the talking over a few cups of tea and a good chat. There’s a lot of value here.”

The site is a compilation of Peter’s recent work. There’s a ‘portfolio’ where he displays his interests and suggestions for projects, and where he will share his opinions on developments in East Anglia, if they interest him.

He’s also sharing the news on a blog and can be reached via this email address:

NameEmail Address

He said he’s been working in this field since the 80s. He’s registered as a land agent under the Land Law Reform (Scotland) Act 2000 and he’s


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