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First of all I would advise you to install the ensembles package, it is free and does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. To install, use the following:
install.packages(‘ensembles’, dependencies = TRUE)

With that done, you can continue to do as you please. The package runs on the computer you are working on, so once you have setup the ensembles environment you can just load it in as follows:
ensembles::loadEnsemble(‘relative_climdex’, function (ecad) {
ecad 4.0,]
#… code omitted for brevity

From that point on, you can just use the functions directly.
The first thing to do would be to read in the dataset, parse, and extract the relevant information. I think of ecad like this:

% Matlab programs

The website uses matlab programs such as

% PTMAO version in Matlab

– Automatic data collecting and analying for all the studies of the 99,000 observations (ClimDex):