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I had so much fun writing this year’s series and I really wanted to do something special for this year’s Zazen Quest. (This series of posts is a letter to one of my students. I hope she likes it!)

The best way to really express Zen in a single word is with “no”. This isn’t to say you can’t write about other things. It’s just that if you can share a “no” with someone else, than you’ve just expressed a lot of Zen in one word.

The “no” you use has nothing to do with whether or not you can do the thing you’re trying to express yourself about. It has to do with how you approach that thing. Does it serve your purpose for that moment or does it only serve its own purpose? If a dog is chasing a ball, you’re not going to say to the dog “no”. You’re just going to get the ball and keep going. If you’re going to say “no” to the ball, then you have to also say “no” to that dog chasing the ball. Then it’s only the ball you want.

Zen is about letting go of your own agendas. I can’t be happier about closing comments and not having another “I’m Zazen and don’t like this” comment in the Zazen Quest. I think this is pretty great. Although I’m really looking forward to the new comments, they won’t distract me from my own Zen practice. I can say whatever I want about my Zen practice and I’m good with that.

However, I’ve been a bit unplugged. Though I did recently post a short story (“Who Am I?”) on my Facebook page. I don’t have any new short stories written to share with you. But I’ve been working on some new stories. Even though I

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