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Christopher Anthony Dunn (born 25 May 1967) is a British television and theatre actor.

Early life
Dunn was born in Bristol, England, to the actors Arthur Dunn and Margaret Mercer, and is the grandson of the author and war correspondent Bruce Dickinson. His father was born in Australia, and is the son of British engineer Donald Dunn and Scottish actress Margaret Leighton. His mother was born in Oxford, England, the daughter of writer Evan Hunter and actress Lady Joan Hickson. His maternal grandfather was the only child of one of his mother’s two sisters, director and producer Val Guest. Dunn was educated at Marlborough College and read English at St Peter’s College, Oxford University.

Dunn is perhaps best known for his role as Michael Winning in the popular science fiction series Out of Time (1989–1991), also known as Journey Man, for which he was nominated for the BAFTA. He has also appeared in television series such as Dangerfield (1988–1994), in the series television mini-series The Scales of Justice (1993) and in the 1995 film The Madness of King George.

In 2007, he acted in a short film directed by Grant Thomas, titled The Baptiser.

In October 2010, he appeared as a guest star in the BBC Radio 4 series Blackpool Rock Band, which was broadcast on 30 October

egojacks is a virtual race car simulator game with multiplayer mod available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The game is a realistic simulator designed to add realistic races and events to your multiplayer experience. The game provides several options for you to customize your car or car and you can even purchase the team with real money if you are looking for a better racing experience. The game features realistic sounds, physics, visuals, events and even you can customize your car and car can be purchased.

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Modern User Interface with realistic physics.

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Instant replay and replay mode for each game.

Fantastic tournaments and events to unlock with in-game currency.

Convert cash into credits.

Earn Coins to unlock new features in the game.

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☾ Play with realistic controls and enjoy classic car racing games.

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